School started today and that will take up a lot of my time from now on, just warning!!

I will try and write as much as possible when I do have time and on weekends. I’ll put them in my queue so y’all will get imagines regularly.

Have a good year at school, guys! Love you! <3

#207 imagine request: Patrick Kane

"I fucking hate this! Fucking hell! How the fuck?!" you could hear Pat before you saw him enter the livingroom. You had watched their game on TV and knew they had lost. You knew he’d be furious, and you tried to stay calm and tried to calm him down as well.

"Pat, it’s okay. It wasn’t a super important game anyways" you touched his shoulder as he sat down on the couch. He pulled away from your touch and buried his face in his hands.

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#206 imagine request: Sidney Crosby

"I’m going to bed, I’m super tired" you kissed Sid’s cheek and left to your bedroom. You knew he would take good care of your newborn baby daughter while you took a nap.

"Don’t worry, babe, we’ll be fine" Sid smiled at you and turned back to his baby daughter who was sleeping in his arms.

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#205 imagine request: Brandon Prust

You had waited all day for Brandon to finally come home after their road trip. You had started to lose hope when he still wasn’t home by dinner. You tried to text and call him, but he didn’t pick up. You were worried something might have happened, and checked the news a million times, but there wasn’t news about any new airplane accidents. You got sad and went to bed, hoping he’d come home the next day.

"[Y/N]?" you woke up to hearing Brandon carefully open the door to your bedroom and whispering your name.

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