puckingchucky asked:

hey there! I got your message now about the five fun-facts thing for your 10 favourite followers, so HI:) anyways, i just wanted to message you to make sure you were doing okay between your grandmother and all the emotions and what not. So I just wanted to make sure you were okay and just wanted to let you know that you can always come and talk to me, if you need someone! So.. yeah, talk soon… maybe? XOXOX

This is so sweet! Thank you <3<3<3<3

holdontothedeck asked:

Once you get this message, you must list five random facts about yourself and then pass it on to your ten favorite followers :)

1. I love exercise, but..

2. … I can be lazy

3. I have a good memeory

4. I love animals

5. Hockey players are daamn!!

Thank you <3

#202 imagine request: Corey Crawford

You had lost count of how many times Corey had said the word ‘fuck’ since he had come back home after losing a playoff game. He was angry and you had experienced this a few times before.

"Corey, calm down!" you said at him. He was pacing around the kitchen.

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